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That one burns as if soaked in oil.

Inspired by: Spartacus [] Beautiful Girl [] 
Genre: Romance, Drama, Historical,
Ancient Rome
Face Claim(s):
  • Female: Megan Fox, Gemma Arterton, Odette Annable, think ethereal
  • Male: Tom Hardy, David Gandy, Norman Reedus, think rough

Warning(s): This plot will contain scenes of a mature nature and content.

Female: She was once a queen in her own way. The daughter to a leader of a tribe of warriors hidden in the distant forests of the Germanic areas, she had position and she had respect. Until the day that it was all ripped away from her by the Romans. They came like thunder through the trees, destroying and mutilating all in their path, until the only thing left of her tribe were the women. Shackled and locked in a slave ship, she was transported to the markets in Rome, forced to stand naked in front of spiteful women and leering men. She was forced to watch as both her mother and her sisters were all sold to brothels, and it seemed like such a fate would also befall her, until a new voice rang from the crowd. A rich roman lanista was looking for a new body slave for his beloved, and at the sight of the beautiful slave, had decided that she would be the perfect woman for his wife. After all, his wife deserved only the best from him. Now she’s stuck in Rome, as a slave for a spoiled women, forced to serve under people she loathes. She’s become more uncomfortable as time goes by, noting a gladiator champion watching her. 

Male: He is the best of his kind, a gladiator and a champion. The Immortal Gaul. He’s been in countless battles, but he has never fallen in the ring. He’s loved and lusted after by the women of Rome, both noble and slaves. He’s feared and respected by the men of Rome, both noble and slaves. He started out as just a simple slave with the spirit of a mustang, only to rise through the ranks in the ludus. Tutored by a champion, it didn’t matter how many obstacles were placed in his way, he’s overcome them all until he was forced to face his mentor in the arena. Unknown to him, his mentor was secretly plotting to kill the lanista of the ludus, and the man that the Gaul had been taught to be loyal to. He went to sleep in his cell one night thinking of the fame he could achieve, and he awoke to be faced with the challenge of killing the man that he had loved like a brother. Shocked and shaken, he went into the arena, looking to try and give his mentor an honorable man, only to find that his mentor wasn’t as honorable as he appeared. The man tried to slit his throat in the beginning, and the Gaul was forced to slaughter him. He enjoyed it too, anger coursing through his veins. Now, his loyalty is completely to the lanista only, and he has no intention to ever go against the man. But his loyalty is about to be tested by the firecracker, new body slave to the Domina.

Female: She’s angry, but then why wouldn’t she be? She was forced to see her mother and sisters violated, only saved by her new master’s secret intentions for her. She knows how to stand up for herself when it comes to other slaves, and had been taught to have a backbone by her father. She’s no stranger to the roughness of men, having grown up around barbarian warriors, but they were her family, and she had no idea how to go about living as a slave. Even as slave, she has a queenly disposition, though she’s been knocked down a few steps by being forced to do things for her mistress. She’s forced to watch out for herself, never knowing what sort of danger would lay for her now, whether it be by other slaves of roman men with greedy hands. However, she has no idea that she’s been bought as not only a gift for the lanista’s wife, but for the champion gladiator.

Male: He’s an alpha male even as a slave. He’s gained the respect of other gladiators, and he’s in no mind to ever lose that respect. He thrives on it. He thrives on the attention of bored, Roman wives who want to lay with a beast, and he thrives on the fear that the other gladiators give him. He’s worked hard for his position and he’s going to defend it until killed in the arena. He doesn’t have the same dreams of freedom as other slaves do, he’s provided for her, but deep down in his heart, there are times that he would secretly wonder what his life would have been like if he was free.  He’s not used to women looking at him with scorn and wariness, so this new slave has him in a perpetual state of confusion. He finds her intriguing, not to mention beautiful, but he’s no idea she’s to be his.

Notes: I can play either, it depends on the quality of the applications. Just talk to me about Faceclaims and details!

Must have been around midnight, There's a ghost at the door. She said please go slowly, cause we've all been here before. She takes her clothes off and she says Is it alright if I stay the night?

alright, alright